Assortm. of traditional dishes

pro persona
Marinated herring, shrimp, roast pork 235,-
Danish meat ball, liver pâté, chicken salad  
and cheese    


pro persona
Pickled herring   69,-
Marinated herring   69,-
Curried herring   73,-
Homemade fried and pickled herring   79,-
3 kinds of herring 155,-
Egg with peeled shrimp   99,-
Fillet of plaice with sc. remoulade 89,-
Fillet of plaice with shrimp   105,-
Smoked salmon   105,-
Peeled shrimp   115,-


pro persona
Roastbeef with sc. remoulade 89,-
Roastbeef with fried egg and onion 97,-
Brisket of beef with pickles 89,-
Steak tartare with egg yolk 115,-
Liver pâté with salted meat and aspic   89,-
Chicken salad (mayo based) with bacon 89,-
Liver pâté with bacon and mushroom 89,-
Slices of homemade pork roulade with 89,-
aspic and onion
For reservations for more than 10 persons a deposit of DKK 100 per person is payable.

Premium selection

pro persona
3 kinds of herring with red onion and capers, 359,-
smoked salmon with scrambled egg,  
fillet of plaice with sc. remoulade, shrimp with mayonnaise,
chicken salad with bacon, liver pâté with mushroom,
fillet of pork with fried onion,
crispy top roast pork with red cabbage,  
and three Danish cheeses  
Pre-orders only. Min. 2 servings.  


pro persona
Mild cheese   79,-
St. Clemens Danablu with raw egg yolk 79,-
Seasoned cheese with aspic   79,-
Deep-fried Camembert   79,-

Warm Dishes

pro persona
Fillet of crispy top roast pork 99,-
Hamburger steak with fried egg   115,-
Danish meat balls   89,-
Minced steak Paris with raw egg yolk 115,-


Reg. bottled beer     34,-
Soft drinks, sparkling water   35,-
Draught beer     32,-
Draught beer, large     58,-