pro persona
Pickled herring   69,-
Marinated herring   69,-
Curried herring   69,-
Homemade fried and pickled herring   79,-
3 kinds of herring 165,-
Egg with shrimp   89,-
Fried fish fillet with remoulade 89,-
Fried fish fillet with shrimp   99,-
Smoked salmon   99,-
Shrimp   105,-


pro persona
Mild cheese   79,-
Blue cheese with raw egg yolk 79,-
Seasoned cheese and aspic   79,-
Deep-fried Camembert   79,-

Variety of typical dishes

pro persona
Marinated herring, shrimp, roast pork 235,-
Danish meat balls, liver paste, chicken salad  
and cheese    

Cold cuts

pro persona
Roastbeef with sc. remoulade 89,-
Roastbeef with fried egg and onion 97,-
Brisket of beef with pickles 89,-
Steak tartare with egg yolk 115,-
Liverpaste with salted meat and aspic   89,-
Chicken salad with bacon 89,-
Liverpaste with bacon and mushroom 89,-
Slices of rolled meat with onion   89,-

Dish Deluxe

pro persona
3 kinds of herring, fried fish fillet with shrimp, 359,-
smoked salmon, liverpaste with bacon,  
fillet of pork with fried onion,
roast pork with red cabbage,  
chicken salad with bacon  
and three different kinds of cheese  
Pre-orders only. Min. 2 servings.  

Warm Dishes

pro persona
Roast pork 89,-
Hamburger steak with fried egg   115,-
Danish meat balls   89,-
Fillet of pork with fried onion   115,-
Fried steak tartare with raw egg yolk 115,-


Reg. bottled beer   32,-
Soda, mineral water   35,-
Draught beer   32,-
Draught beer, large   58,-